Introducing 3-Day Delivery!

Because sometimes you just need a white shirt in a hurry.

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6 months ago...

We founded Oxwhite with a vision of bringing luxury products to the market at honest prices, without any markup. Thanks to our pre-order model, we were able to introduce an RM400 quality shirt at RM69. The only compromise? A 3-month waiting period for every order.

Limited stock, by invite only.

New solution

13,000 customers later…

We’ve listened to your feedback and are working hard to give you what you want. With an acquired batch of stock in our inventory, we are now able to offer 3-Day Delivery!

With this new delivery option, we are introducing a new dual-pricing shipping model so that you can enjoy our same honest pricing based on your needs.

Limited stock, by invite only.

Why RM100?

Same honest price.

Due to the financing and storage of this new shipping option, as detailed below, it has to be priced slightly higher. We asked the Oxwhite community, comprising of fans and customers just like you, to vote on a price you would be willing to support.

RM100 is the most voted price by our 7,000 community members. It's simple and transparent. Join the community

Limited stock, by invite only.

3-day delivery

Cost Structure.

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