Introducing OXWHITE Freedom Stretch Pants

at 1/3 the price of traditional retails

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Not Fast Fashion;
Only The Finest Craftsmanship

Inspired by the level of workmanship found in the tailoring shops of London’s Savile Row, we've brought the loving care and attention that goes into crafting a slim tailor-made fit to the scale of mass production — without losing out on any of the detailing.

An Additional 1 inch At The Waist

2-Way Stretch & Extendable Waistband

Say goodbye to having to unzip after a heavy lunch. This flexible waistband is manufactured using a revolutionary Japanese technology instead of rubber elastic for a natural stretch. With an additional allowance of 1 inch, you’ll have a pair of pants that can last you a lifetime without worry of outgrowing the fit. 

Slim, But Not Skinny

A slim, tapered fit for any body type

Our tapered slim fit is a modern twist on the classic. The cut of the Freedom Stretch Pants is designed to be narrower towards the ankles, creating a slimming look that is complementary to any body type.

At Nearly Cost Price, Like Always

Traditional Retail: RM360 | OXWHITE™ Pre-Order: from RM99

We're launching the OXWHITE Freedom Stretch™ Pants for less than 1/3 the price of other finely tailored business pants: RM99. We've cut out the middle men and unnecessary retail costs to offer you greater value at a lower price tag.

Our 365-Day Perfect Fit Guarantee

Every pair of Freedom Stretch Pants comes with a 365-day return, replacement and 100% money back guarantee. That's how much we believe in the confidence you will feel.

Slim Fit | Business Formal

slightly stretchable, for formal sleek look

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Slim Fit | Casual

very stretchable, for maximum freedom

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Freedom Stretch Pants Measurement Guide

Size Guide: Casual

*for both variants, please refer to formal-pant sizes instead of jeans.

Size Guide: Business Formal

*for both variants, please refer to formal-pant sizes instead of jeans.

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