We believe confidence shouldn't be expensive.

Our mission

We set out on this journey to create quality living essentials for the everyday Asian, helping you look good and feel good at an affordable price.

Fine craftsmanship.

We’ve travelled far and wide to find the world’s best manufacturers. We partner exclusively with top-of-the-line factories that have decades of experience producing for several major, high-end clothing brands.

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Our honest approach.

We cut out unnecessary costs, such as middlemen and retail mark-up, to offer prices primarily based on the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. And we’re always upfront about the true costs behind all of our products.

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Quality that lasts.

We invest heavily in sourcing only the best materials and manufacturers for our products, focusing on designing wardrobe staples. Our belief is that a product is timeless not just because of its design, but also because you can continue to use it for years and years.

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Let's answer
some questions.

What is OXWHITE?

Oxwhite is a lifestyle brand that aims to make luxury affordable for everyone. Through our online platform, you can shop for quality products direct from top factories without any markup.

Why does honest pricing matter?

We’ve done the research, and we’ve found that luxury products aren’t actually expensive to make; they’re just expensive to sell. Thanks to our pricing model, you get to enjoy the same quality and craftsmanship of big name brands at 1/5th the traditional retail price.

Why is there a 3-month pre-order period?

One of the additional costs in traditional retail is for inventory. By reducing inventory, we reduce cost which translates into direct savings for our customers.

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