120 Days - the Craftsmanship of a Luxury Non-Iron Shirt

Week 2: Arrival Of The Supima® Cotton

Oxwhite's partner factory is located in Indonesia and is well known for manufacturing for many other high-end international brands. Our founder CK maintains a close relationship with the owner of the factory and regularly spends time there monitoring the craftsmanship and quality control of our products.

Week 5: Molding & Cutting

During these early stages of production the Supima cotton fabric we use is physically moulded and then cut to shape before being thoroughly checked for imperfections. The fabric panels required for each part of your Oxwhite shirt are then passed on to prepare for stitching. 

Week 7: Sewing & Printing

After the initial moulding and cutting to prepare the pieces of the shirt; the fabric is passed to a dedicated and talented team who are responsible for the assembly and printing of the garment.

Week 12: Non-Iron Baking & Treatment

The treatment and processes the fabric undergoes at this stage of production is what gives the shirt its durable Non-Iron quality while letting it maintain that softness Supima cotton is known for. These processes involve each and every shirt being hung and treated before being baked gently in a purpose built oven. The treated shirts are then sent onward for a thorough quality inspection.

Week 14: Quality Check & Inspection

Once each shirt has been through the Non-Iron treatment and oven baking it is sent to the quality control inspectors to be thoroughly inspected for any manufacturing defects or signs of stress. After a series of thorough checks it can then move onward to be packaged and shipped.

Week 16: Packaging & Delivery

Yet another dedicated team of workers are responsible for assembling the beautiful packaging we have designed for your Oxwhite shirt. Each shirt is tagged and packaged before being labeled with your address and sent to the delivery company to be dropped on your doorstep.

Final Product

We have spent the last two years working tirelessly to find the best fabric and cut; partnered with one of the world’s best factories, and pioneered a pre-order business model that allows us to save wastage and give you an incredible price. But really, at the end of the day, we just hope that you will love your Oxwhite shirt as much as we do.

- CK Chang, Founder