Men's Oiled Leather Belt


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- Genuine top grain cow leather
- Zinc alloy pin buckle, gunmetal silver
- Buckle dimensions: 70 x 45mm, belt 35mm wide

Product Description
Age is truly just a number for our belt collection — thanks to a sustainable tanning process, aging imbues the leather with a distinct, seasoned texture that will last you for many a year. With beautiful edges, a naturally well-oiled finish, and a carefully curated buckle design, this adjustable belt is an elegant complement to any pair of pants.

T&C Apply on 26 September Launching Promotion Event

 Product Care Description

1. To first remove dust or dirt from the belt, brush the belt gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush or shoe brush.
2. Carefully rub saddle soap across the surface of the belt.
3. Use a dry cloth to wipe away excess saddle soap and leftover dirt.
4. Should the belt come into contact with water during the cleaning process, dry the affected area immediately with a dry cloth.
5. Apply leather conditioner to the belt with a new clean, soft cloth, and massage the leather until the conditioner has been fully absorbed.



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