Men's Slim Fit Trousers

RM129 RM149
Color: Navy
7 - 10 Business Days 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

9.9 Campaign T&C

Introducing our new Preview range for men: classic pieces that you can easily mix and match for effortless styling.

These long business pants are perfectly suited for both formal and semi-formal occasions, designed for all day long comfort in any situation.

Made with a blend of polyester and cotton, our business pants are breathable and soft to the touch while still being extra tear-resistant. Enjoy the best of a Slim-fit with the freedom to stretch and move about any way you please.


* Model is 184cm 70kg, wearing size 32
* 70% poly cotton, 28% viscose and 2% elastane

* Mid-rise cut
* 31" inseam with seamless hem
* Mini inner pocket
* Machine-washable
* Manufactured in Indonesia
* Fabric: 330 GSM



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