Women Long Sleeve Blouse

Color: White

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Our Long Sleeve Blouse is made from a blend of bamboo and polyester, and it may surprise you just how comfortable it'll feel. The unique fabric is what gives this blouse a beautiful texture that feels luxurious to the touch. With its loose-fitting silhouette, this blouse is perfect for all-day working comfort.

- Made from soft bamboo fabric. 
- 8 buttons. 
- Pointed collar. 
- Long sleeves with buttoned cuffs.
- Designed to be modest, with extra buttons at the top and lengthened hems. 
- Shirttail hem. 
- Back yoke with box pleat. 
- Proudly made in Indonesia.


48% Bamboo Fibre

48% Polyester

4% Spandex

1. Comfort:
Apparel made from bamboo is comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, fast drying, anti-static, and thermal regulating. It is often described as having the ultra softness of cashmere and the sheen of silk.

2. Antibacterial:
Bamboo is naturally antibacterial due to a bio-agent known as “kun,” which resists the growth of bacteria on its fibres. This is normally carried through to the finished product. This allows bamboo garment to resist the growth of bacteria that causes odour even after numerous washings. In the long term, this means that they can be washed less often — saving energy and making clothes last longer.

3. Thermal Regulating:
Bamboo fabric makes you feel cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather. It may sound like a paradox, but it’s true.

4. Superior Wicking Capability:
Bamboo fibres are highly absorbent, much more so than cotton and faster drying. In warm, humid weather, bamboo clothing doesn’t stick to the skin. Instead, they keep you drier, cooler and more comfortable.

5. Hypoallergenic:
Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it’s less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

6. Easy Care and Energy Efficient:
Bamboo is machine washable in cool water. Environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy fabric softeners are not needed or recommended.


1. Wash with care
To ensure that your shirt lasts as long as possible, gently wash it in cold water with a good-quality detergent.
2. Light ironing is recommended
While you can definitely wear your shirt immediately after drying, we advise you to iron your shirt for 3 to 5 minutes if you want a perfectly crisp look.
3. Stretch it!
For minimal wrinkles, hang up the shirt right after washing it and carefully stretch the fabric to eliminate creases. Leaving the shirt in the washing machine or dryer for a long time is not recommended.


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