Ballet Flats

RM99 RM239
Color: Off White
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Ballet Flats


* Flexible anatomy design to help foot action during walking
* Back seam Anti-Slip designed
* Elastic Top Line, prevent foot blister
* Anti-Slip sole to minimise foot strain
* Comfortable insole support for long-distance walking
* Lightweight : 384g per pair of shoe

Shoes you can actually walk in for days.

Ever wanted to experience walking on clouds? We think we’ve designed a pair of shoes that come pretty close. The cushioning of the insole provides extra comfort and breathability, while the high quality rubber outsole prevents your feet from hurting and shields it from the harshness of rough surfaces.

Comfort with no compromises.

Made with quality leather, our flats are stretchable with an excellent seam on each side. Easily slip them on, even when you’re in a rush, without worrying about them slipping off your feet.

Suitable for any occasion.

The versatile style of these ballet flats is perfect for any occasion, whether for parties, travel, work or weddings. Or even just your regular day-to-day life.


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