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Why 3-Day Delivery?

Since launch, we have received countless requests on immediate shipping, making us realize that many of our potential customers need a dress shirt fast. That has led us to try out a pilot project.
Wouldn't it be amazing if people could try out our products immediately, and later pre-order with us for even more savings? That was what we had in mind 4 months ago.
At that time, we decided to stock up on extra 800 pieces of the “Slim Fit | Work & Play Collar” series for an experiment. We hope to, one day, offer a 3-day-delivery option to every product alongside pre-order.

Why is it more expensive?

As it is no longer pre-order, there will be inventory costs. The higher price is a direct result of higher costs.

Can you fulfill my order earlier than stated since you have stocks already?

Unfortunately, that can’t be done for several reasons. We only have 800 units extra—for one product. In our mid-January shipment alone, we have to fulfill over 5,000 units of 7 different products. Not to mention the logistics challenges we will face. However, when we do have extra stocks, we will fulfill existing orders as soon as possible.
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